The fastest and easiest way to add user login to websites
Hello everyone, please do not use this app in production. Authpack is no longer supported and exists for demonstration purposes only. Feel free to play with the app which will remain hosted. The frontend code is also avaiable on GitHub.
Have a nice day.
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Super Quick

Add user login and signup in minutes
Copy and paste a couple lines of code into any website to enable the login system. Easily create gated content that only members of your website can access. Works on all websites.
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Charge your users a membership fee
Earn money from your users by charging them a one-off or recurring subscription fee. Plans can be created for both users and teams. All transactions are handled through Stripe.
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Manage everything from the dashboard
Our admin dashboard allows you to quickly create, update and manage all of your user and team accounts. No need for a technical team when you can do it yourself in seconds.
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Social Login

Facebook, Google, GitHub, Slack
Deliver a seamless login experience for your users by allowing them to login with their favourite social app. One click and they are quickly logged into their account.
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User login and recurring payments
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